From an idea by Roberta Abeni
Together with Federico Turelli
in collaboration with
Arianna Mora (photographer and teacher)
Alice Pasinetti (illustrator)
Antonio Giuliano (architect and teacher)

The Italian word ‘Classe’ corresponds to ‘Class’ in English. In this project it is also an acronym for Compiti Liberi Artistici Senza Scopi Ergonomici, that means ‘Free Artistic Homework With No Ergonomic Aims’.
It is an informal group of research gathering graphic and architecture experiments, designed and implemented by girls and boys. The aim is to support their creativity, the exchange of their views and their inclination to imagine what is and what there will likely be.

The coming book

We are working on our first paper collection. It will include the pieces made by tens of girls and boys in their early teens during workshops of graphic and architecture exploration, that we have been documenting with illustrations and images since 2018.

Our ‘long-cherished’ dream?
It is to get the [idea↗︎] out there as much as possible and gather anyone willing to give a realistic or abstract contribution to this project.